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Looking to join a room created by a friend or teacher? Paste the code and get ready to buzz in!


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Here's what makes the best online quiz buzzer for your quizzing needs.

Completely free

We don't believe in charging you for education or recreation. That's why we're offering an online buzzing experience free of charge. Just buzz in!

Unlimited Participants

There's no limit on the number of users in a room! Unlike other online buzzers we know, you can invite an unlimited amount of players.


Want to quiz on the go?'s responsive user interface allows users to play with ease on a device of any size, including tablets and smartphones.

Answer Field

Now, by popular demand, players can write their answers into the text field and buzz to send them in!

Buzzer Sound

Reading quiz questions on another window? Play a sound to alert you when a player buzzes! This feature can be toggled off for your convenience.

Keyboard Shortcuts

As a player, you can use the spacebar to buzz in as an alternative to pressing the buzz button!

Complete Control

As the host, you have full control over your room, with the ability to clear individual or all buzzes and kick users from the room.

Ease of Use

Unlike competing online buzzers, we use a clean user interface (not one that looks ancient and stale) and simplify the experience for our users.

and much, much more...

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Hey, I'm Amanvir, the high school student behind! As a quizbowl player myself, I noticed that COVID-19 left my school's club without a way to practice and enjoy the game. So I decided to do something about it and was born! I've attempted to create an online quiz buzzer that comes as close to the physical thing. I hope you receive as much enjoyment from as I had while making it. Keep buzzing!